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Our purpose is to help preserve the rich and colorful history of The Order of Knights of Pythias.
To accomplish this, we rely on our brothers, sisters, historians and Pythian friends to send us
information and web links about past events, former members and related historical subjects.

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Departments & Auxiliaries
Insurance Department
U.R.K.P. (Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias)
Nomads of Avrudaka (Women)
Since the inception of the order, several departments and auxiliaries have been added to take care of the
various demands for which there appeared to be an insistent call.

In 1877 the Insurance Department was organized.

The Military Department, commonly called the Uniform Rank, was officially recognized by the Supreme Lodge on November 1, 1878.

The order of Pythias Sisters was founded by Joseph Addison Hill , October 23, 1888, and was officially recognized as an auxiliary of the order on August 24, 1914.

The Princes of Syracuse was officially recognized as an auxiliary of the order on August 27, 1927.
The Junior Order of Knights of Pythias, authorized in August 1960, was officially recognized as an auxiliary
in August of 1962 .

The Nomads of Avrudaka is an independent auxiliary of the Dramatic Order of the Knights of Khorrassan.

The Pythian Sunshine Girls is an independent auxiliary of the Pythian Sisters.

Video Links and Photos
PC Gerry Greenblatt
Damon & Pythias
Tocoma KOP #7
Video Tour
The Rathbone Bible
February 19, 1864
James E. West
Chief Scout Exec - BSA

Pythian International Magazine
Feburary 1964 - 100TH Pythian Anniversary (32 Pages)

Justus H. Rathbone

Founder of the Kights of Pythias - Feb 19, 1864

Born October 29, 1839, in Deerfield, New York - Died at the age of fifty on December 9, 1889, Lima, Ohio.
He was the founder of the international fraternal order of the Knights of Pythias.

He graduated from Colgate University and attended Carlisle Seminary. He was a music composer and actor. In 1863 he moved to Washington D.C. as a government clerk in the United States Treasury Department, where he founded the Knights of Pythias on February 19, 1864. Rathbone wrote the ritual for the Knights of Pythias which is based on the mythological friendship of Damon and Pythias, while he was a school teacher at the Eagle Harbor Schoolhouse, in Eagle Harbor, Michigan.

The Order of Knights of Pythias is an international, non-sectarian fraternal order, and was the first fraternal order to be chartered by an Act of Congress. It's aim was to heal the wounds of the Civil War between the North and South and promote friendship among men and relieve suffering.

Today in addition to supporting our military they do charitable work, sponsor dances and do fundraising events.

Original Five Members:
Justus H. Rathbone, Robert A. Champion, William H. Burnett, David L. Burnett, Edward S. Kimball

The Building where the first K. of P Lodge was Institued (Marinis Hall 1876)


Eagle Harbor Schoolhouse -
Pythian History by William D. Kennedy, Chicago, Pythian Publishing Company, 1904.

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Links - Knights of Pythias Library
Author: James R. Carnahan, Commander of the Uniformed Rank(UR)*
“Tactics and Manual for Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias”, First edition published in Cincinnati, Ohio in July 1883.
“Pythias Knighthood: Its History and Literature”, published at Cincinnati, OH 1888 ( - Read online

*The Uniformed Rank (UR) came into being in 1878. A great many Pythians were Civil War Veterans and some lodges formed their own military drill teams. This would in time evolve into the Uniformed Ranks. The Pythian UR
was sometimes known as the Army of the Lily.

Author: Capt. Hugh Goold Webb - P.C.P.G.R.
A history of the Knights of Pythias and its branches and auxiliary - 1910 ( - Read online

William D. Kennedy’s Pythian History published in 1904

Damon and Pythias by Banim

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